Last weekend in Melbourne

So originally I was supposed to be landing back in Melbourne today but moved my flight forward by about 3 weeks. Doing so not only allowed me to be present for my mum’s, sister’s, aunt’s and friend’s birthdays, it also gave me the chance to hug my adorable cat, whom I missed for a whopping 700 days, much sooner.

Welcome Home Lunch Boy Boy

Here are some photos from last weekend. We went as a family to a wonderful cafe in Port Melbourne called Pane e Tulipani ( to have breakfast on Saturday morning. While the title of the establishment comes from the Italian film of the same name, the food, staff and environment were highly original. I loved the atmosphere, the friendly waitresses, enjoyable Italian music, delicious food and really good coffee. Bellissimo!

Afterwards we went for a walk to the beach. The water was a green/grey shade and the sun was no where to be seen but I truly missed the beach while living in London, so I had fun walking on the sand and seeing the boats in the distance. It’s great knowing that whenever I feel like it a trip to the beach is only a 25-minute car ride from home.

On Sunday my sisters and I went to the cinema to watch a wacky French drama/comedy entitled “Mood Indigo” or L’Écume des jours as it’s known in French. What can I say? The film was made in a really clever way using a combination of stop-animation and in-camera techniques. Right from the start we were invited into a completely unusual world where everything wasn’t what it seemed. It’s a film that Gaudi or Dali would be proud of because of the highly imaginative nature of the scenes with very creative props, inventions and objects that challenge us and our preconceived notion of the world we live in. At first we couldn’t believe what we got ourselves into but as the film went on we laughed until we were in tears (still partially because we couldn’t believe what we were seeing!). I recommend this film to open-minded people who have a sense of humour, a good imagination and a creative side. Don’t take it too seriously and you’ll soon see that it’s actually a masterpiece and an ingenious French film with really good acting by Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou and the rest of the cast. My rating: 7/10