Hola España!

If you’ve read my post about the last time I visited Barcelona (you can read it here) then you probably know that I am madly in love with that city. Each time I visit it seems to welcome me with open arms and give me more and more reasons to stay there more permanently. For an interior designer, Barcelona is pure heaven and I love everything there from its beaches, parks and architecture, right down to the food, people and climate. It’s a fantastic city and I can’t wait to go back there.

This time I saw much more of Spain with a train ride to its capital, Madrid. I have to say that I was very impressed. I could see why it’s the capital and yet it was extremely easy to walk just about anywhere in the city centre. In Madrid we visited what might just be my most favourite park ever, Park Retiro. My photos just don’t do that park justice. If you’re ever in Madrid you have to go to this park and spend at least half a day relaxing there. It’s gorgeous there!

Spain is an amazing country and every time I leave it, I hunger for its sights, sounds and tastes again and again. I’d love to live there some day 🙂



Anyone who has ever been to Barcelona would’ve without a doubt left it feeling pretty impressed with the sights, architectural marvels and seaside views. Last week I visited Barcelona for the first time in my life and was so captivated by this city that I was almost in tears when it came time to leave it! Barcelona was a place that stole my heart right from the first second.

Entering Gaudi’s still incomplete Sagrada Familia Church was an experience that I will always remember. Such beautiful forms, colours and craftsmanship in the detailing just have to be seen to be believed. Walking in that space was like entering a giant forest, whimsical and playful at the same time. I loved living very close to the clean, sandy beaches that make up the city. Watching the waves roll in one after the other is a truly relaxing activity, and one that I’ve certainly missed. A definite highlight was watching a typically Spanish Flamenco dance and exploring Gaudi’s other gem, Park Guell. The city was extremely easy to navigate on foot and the public transport systems were extremely safe, cheap, clean and convenient.

Barcelona was incredible and I can’t wait to return! Enjoy!