DIY Washi Tape Swatch Sheet

I have been loving putting pen to paper for a few years now and really enjoy making beautiful friendships through the disappearing art of letter writing. With each letter I send out I simply love including a few extra things in the envelope such as stickers, die-cuts, gift tags, little cards or notes but have never really included washi tapes (since they are so bulky) until now.

For this mini DIY project you’ll need:

  • Polypropylene sheets
  • Washi tapes
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Corner cutter
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Markers (for optional decorating)

Step-by-step Process:

  • Cut the polypropylene sheets to the size you want. If you’re planning on sending this in your snail mail make sure you make it small enough to fit into your envelope!
    Round off the corners to eliminate sharp edges. Scissors may also be used to cut the corners.
    For this next step you can decorate the swatch with markers that are smudge-resistant for a creative touch! This is optional of course.
    Now the fun part – choose which washi tapes you’d like to stick on the swatch and wind the tape around as many times as you like. The more tape, the heavier your letter will be.
    And there you have it! Get as creative as you like, there really are no rules for this DIY.

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Makers Market 2015

Last Saturday I tested out my brand new market display at the Makers Market in Moorabbin Junction. My mum and I spent much of the last few months constructing it all by ourselves. We were lucky enough to come across a very helpful assistant called Ralph at Masters, Oakleigh South. He looked at my sketch and took me around the aisles suggesting ways in which I could build my display. I had never worked with a power drill before and had never done anything to this scale. The idea of challenging myself to build something true to my brand really appealed to me and the presentation of my products on it, all made it worth the time invested in its construction.


I’d like to thank all our customers on the night. It was such a pleasure meeting all of you and hearing about how you plan on using the products you bought and getting positive feedback. The whole reason I got into the business of designing classy gifts was to bring smiles to people and it was so lovely to connect with all of you face-to-face once more. It definitely brought back memories of my shop in Watford and I can’t wait to return to this market again next year. Cheers!Process Of Table


DIY: Recycled Magazine Mirror

On this rainy Sunday, I thought I’d sit down and create something. After all, what else are Sundays for? I’m going to show you how to make a funky mirror like one I recently saw on my favourite tv show, One Tree Hill (it appears in episodes #609 – Sympathy For The Devil and #716 – My Attendance Is Bad, But My Intentions Are Good). 

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

I opted to make a smaller version because I didn’t have the space to hang a large circular mirror but the process is the same no matter what size mirror you’re working with. Let’s get started!

Tools Needed

Step 1

Tear out some pages from the magazines you no longer wish to read. Here I used an old interior design magazine I wasn’t very interested in reading again. It’s a good idea to cut the torn edge of the page so that it’s straight and you have a nice page to work with.

Step 2

Now that you’ve got all your magazine pages ready, take a straw and roll a page around it until you have a tight cylinder form.


Step 3

Put glue on the edge of the roll and push down to secure it. Repeat rolling and glueing for all the magazine pages you’ve cut out. It will take you some time to complete, so don’t hurry with this step.


Step 4

Think about the look you’d like your mirror to have. With some scissors cut down the tubes to the right size required and put aside.

Rolled Pages

Step 5

Use a glue gun or some strong glue to secure the rolls onto the mirror. Work from the centre outwards and make sure the rolls are glued tightly beside one another. You don’t want gaps!


Step 6

Allow to dry and prepare the next rolls to size, as per your design. You can be really creative and make any shaped arrangement you like. I’ve chosen to make all my rolls the same size but it’s entirely up to you how you want your mirror to look. Glue down the next few rolls.

SecondStep 7

Continue the process of cutting and glueing.


Step 8

Glue down the last batch of rolls, completely covering the black surface.


And there you have it! The mirror looks funky, colourful and 3-dimensional and can be hung in any waterproof area of your home!

Final Result

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DIY Classes!

Wow, August is upon us already! A new month signifies new beginnings and new quests for us all. We’re super excited today to announce that until August 17 we will be teaching you how we make our origami Graceful Flowers in small DIY classes! You don’t need to have any special skills or abilities. We will teach you step-by-step how we transform simple pieces of paper into our popular and original three-dimensional flowers! They are perfect as gifts for loved ones or simply to decorate your homes this summer.

Information about the event:

  • All materials are provided
  • All ages are welcome to attend (children must be supervised)
  • Cold drinks will be provided, as it is summer after all!



When: Daily (except Sundays) from 11am-12pm, until August 17, 2013
Where: 9 Ye Corner, Chalk Hill, Watford WD19 4BS
We are only 20 minutes by train from Central London. Take the Euston-Watford Junction train, disembark at Bushey Station and then it’s just a short walk up Aldenham Rd until you reach a busy intersection. Simple!
Cost: £5 per person

We truly hope that you’re able to attend and spend an hour of your school holidays with us this year. It’s going to be so much fun!