Ich liebe Germany!

Hi friends,

As you may have heard I will be sharing my travel photos with you in 4 separate postings, arranged in the order I visited each country. You’ll be able to virtually go to Germany, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland right here on Graceful Avenue’s blog!

I absolutely love travelling. There is something so enticing about wandering through unfamiliar cities, discovering interesting architecture, tasting new cuisines and hearing different languages. I can’t imagine my life without travel and photography, I would be so lost without these two activities, you just cannot imagine.

So here’s a bit of light reading for you. My sister and I travelled to Berlin from London one cold afternoon. After landing we were surprised by just how freezing cold it still was in Germany in the middle of March. We knew it would be cold, but I did not expect it to be that cold. Temperatures were barely in the positives and usually just hovered at around the zero degree mark. Just like much of Europe this winter, Berlin was completely covered in snow and the icy air blowing straight into my face was a far from ideal beginning to our sisterly bonding holiday. Nonetheless, Germany never seizes to impress and walking the streets of Berlin, I could sense its history and feel its pain from the two World Wars with all my senses. It felt extremely surreal to come face to face with the Berlin Wall. I couldn’t imagine how people lived with it prior to its collapse in 1989. Everywhere I went in Berlin I felt a very strong sense of history, whether it was at the Jewish Museum or in front of the Brandenburg Gate or knowing that where I’m standing now was most likely not existent in the past. The Potsdamer Platz is an example of this after it was completely destroyed in World War II. So all in all, Berlin was beautiful, freezing and quite interesting to walk around but I think one visit there is quite enough for me.

Next we headed to Frankfurt and then to Mainz. Having been to both of these places before everything remained virtually unchanged in my eyes. Returning to Mainz four years after leaving it was a very surreal experience. I spent 6 months studying there as an exchange student at quite a young age and this time I had a great day showing my sister around my old apartment block, my favourite shops, my old university and around the beautiful Rhine river. If I had the chance to do that day trip all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. I just wish we had a bit more time in a city that I will forever hold dear to my heart.

So without further ado here are my photos of Germany, enjoy and please comment!