Bruges (It’s in Belgium!)

The beauty of living in Europe is that you can visit multiple countries in just one day! As an Australian, this concept will always amuse me! Last week  I was fortunate enough to go by Ferry from the port of Dover (UK) to Calais (France) and then cross the border into one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen – Bruges, in Belgium.

The weather that day was everything from snowing in the morning to hailing in the afternoon to a very heavy downpour with thunder in the evening! The waves on the English Channel were so roughSo with all these weather delays I ended up getting to Bruges in the middle of the day with only 3 hours of exploration time at my disposal. I made the most of it though – I tried delicious Belgian chocolate, had a simply divine Belgian waffle, some really nice fries and a nice beer! I just have to return to Bruges someday because what I did end up seeing only left me wanting more. It was so charming.

Here are a few photos, enjoy!