Mishka Mail, Stationery

Monthly Stationery Subscription: “Mishka Mail”

We’ve got something super exciting to tell you guys today! For a long time we’ve been planning this surprise for you! Today we are happy to launch our monthly stationery subscription service called Mishka Mail.

Every month our subscribers will receive a beautiful parcel in their mailbox filled with different kinds of illustrated designer stationery from greeting cards and wall prints to stickers and gift tags! It’s going to be great value for money! The contents of each shipment will be a surprise but for those who want a sneak peek at the parcel’s content, we’ve made that possible too. Plus, we ship worldwide!

MeetCharactersScreen2Our popular character Mishka, the cheeky panda, will feature on stationery in every parcel while our new characters Moxy the cat and Mo the raccoon will feature occasionally.

Everything is explained in more detail on our Mishka Mail website:


Hurry, August subscriptions close on the 26th of this month! Happy mailing!



Kangaroos in Lysterfield Park

My family and I spent last Saturday afternoon in Lysterfield Park, located in the suburb of Lysterfield, south-east of Melbourne. The weather was perfect, it was so sunny and warm and there were many people by the lake enjoying their day off work. Lysterfield Park is great because it’s totally free to visit and if you’re lucky enough to spot them you can see real kangaroos in the wild! These symbols of Australia are so beautiful, so intelligent and very fast at jumping through the trees. They are certainly hard to find as they camouflage beautifully against the similarly coloured vegetation and bark. However, once you spot them you’re rewarded with some excellent up-close-and-personal photographs of these amazing creatures. At one point we were standing only a few metres away from a beautiful mother Kangaroo and her baby Joey, who was peeking out of her pouch! A breathtaking moment and one that makes me truly grateful to be back in my home country, the land “down under”.