Mishka Mail Sneak Peek

July’s Theme – “Eternally Grateful”

With great sadness, we’ve come to our very last Mishka Mail, completing a full year’s worth of 12 kits for you guys! It’s been an absolute pleasure! With July’s extravaganza you can expect to find a lot more stickers and gift tags than usual, with all items exploring the theme of gratitude and being thankful. Mishka leaves you with a gorgeous “Dream Big” wall print and many more items. We are extremely thankful for your support and hope you continue to follow us in our future endeavours.
Cheers, friends!


June’s Theme – “Live Your Best Life”

We’ve got a jam-packed Mishka Mail kit this month, which aims to inspire you to live a fulfilled, happy life. Expect to find lots of positive sentences, inspirational illustrations and plenty of stationery to lift you up and help motivate you!


May’s Theme – “Joys of Graduating”

Graduation is a time in life that many people look forward to during the study semester. This month, we celebrate the achievements of school or university graduates with stationery exploring life after graduation. There’s a super cool wall print included, as well as multiple greeting cards, postcards, stickers and gift tags. If you know someone who’s graduating soon, May’s Mishka Mail kit has got you covered!


April’s Theme – “European Fling”

Just as spring sweeps across Europe and brings with it warmer weather, we are celebrating this small but wonderful continent in this month’s Mishka Mail. Expect to receive greeting cards showcasing Paris, Barcelona and London, as well as a fabulous illustrated map of Europe for your wall and cute mini cards of French and Italian designs. Buckle up, we’re taking a trip to Europe and you’re going to love it!


March’s Theme – “Hoppy Birthday”

A new year means everyone’s birthday comes around again! This month we’ve got you covered with greeting cards you can send your loved ones for their birthday as well as a few cards celebrating Easter next month. Mishka, Millie, Moxy and Mo are all back for a fun, colourful edition for March that will have everyone jumping for joy!


February’s Theme – “Wonders of Travel”

To travel is to live! We’re very excited to present to you this month’s travel-related Mishka Mail kit filled with stickers, tags, cards and a postcard and wall print. Perfect for anyone with the travel bug but much cheaper than taking a trip somewhere!


January’s Theme – “Love Story”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this month we are celebrating all things romantic. Not only will there be a great selection of greeting cards related to love, but we’ll also include some awesome postcards, gift tags, stickers and a very fun wall print.


December’s Theme – “Summer Vibes”

It’s hard to believe that we have come to our last Mishka Mail sneak peek for 2016! This month’s shipment is all about the sun, sand and salty sea air! There’ll be postcards included, as well as stickers and a funky wall print. Even though it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, you can never have too many colourful, vibrant and fun stationery products that remind you of summer. Right?


November’s Theme – “Christmas Fever”

The year is almost over and the holiday season is just around the corner. We’ll be including lots of Christmas greeting cards, stickers and gift tags in November’s shipment, as well as a few surprises. You won’t be disappointed with all the festive goodies included in this month’s kit.


October’s Theme – “Slow down, Take it easy”

Pour yourself a cup of tea or take a nice relaxing bubble bath. This month is all about the little things in life and for the first time we’ll be including a wall print in our kit as well!


September’s Theme – “Bringing Snail-Mail Back

This month’s Mishka Mail features the sort of stationery that you could send to a friend or loved one by post. Thoughtful greeting cards and postcards as well as cute stickers and gift tags are included for September. If you’ve got penpals to send to, this month is perfect for you!


August’s Theme – “Paper Party”

For our first mailing we’re having a paper party and you’re all invited! We’ll be sending out fun birthday greeting cards, stickers, gift tags and more. Here are a few of the items in August’s shipment: