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Photography tour of Fitzroy

Just a short tram ride from Melbourne’s CBD you’ll find a gem of an area filled with the artistic, music-loving types, the students, poets, foodies and bohemians. They have all found a place to belong in the leafy suburbs of Brunswick and Fitzroy where street art is plentiful and you can get completely lost wandering the hidden alleyways that weave their way around town. There are plenty of good restaurants, grungy clothing boutiques, funky music stores, quaint corner pubs and hip design markets to keep you entertained for hours. If you dig a little deeper you’ll soon discover that Fitzroy is easy to fall in love with and there’s certainly a lot to love about it.

While exploring this part of Melbourne on a typical spring day with beautiful sunshine and a lazy Sunday feel, here is what I saw…

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Cockatoos of Sherbrooke Forest

Tourists visiting Melbourne are spoiled for choice when it comes to Australian wildlife and landscapes in our large and beautiful state. From picturesque beaches to lush green forests, we are so lucky to have all these options available to us in Victoria.

Those interested in feeding some Australian cockatoos should definitely visit Grants Picnic Ground in the beautiful Sherbrooke Forest of the Dandenong Ranges. The cockatoos simply love to fly onto your shoulder (and sometimes even your head!) and feed on the seeds you hold out for them in shiny silver dishes. It’s an experience that you’ll cherish as a truly Australian one so make sure you bring your camera!

Afterwards you should definitely go for a bush walk along the many trails in Sherbrooke forest, breathe in the fresh forest air and try to spot other wildlife such as wombats, possums, lyrebirds and wallabies in their natural habitat. The wonderful ferns and stringy bark trees rising up towards the sky will leave a good impression on you too. There’s also a lovely cafe and gift shop there for all your souvenir needs. The best part is it’s only a short drive from suburbia but feels a world away!

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Australia’s Gumbaya Park

Last Sunday was the perfect time for my family and I to re-visit a place we really loved going to – Gumbaya Park. Located in Tynong North in Victoria and set on 430 acres, this theme park and natural bushland has been an old favourite of ours ever since I was a child. I remember riding on the Mini Cars with my younger cousins and having barbecues with extended-family who’d visit us for a holiday. Gumbaya Park is also home to many of Australia’s beautiful wildlife and birds, from dingoes and emus to snakes, wallabies, wombats and cockatoos, who occasionally talk to you and say things like “Come over here” when you’re starting to leave them! Kangaroos and their joeys hop around you and if you’re lucky enough you can even give them a feed and a pat. There are also opportunities to pat koalas and have your photo taken with them!

For the young and young-at-heart the rides are fantastic. I purchased the Ultimate Pass allowing me to ride on any rides I pleased all day unrestrictedly. I drove a kart, paddled a boat, went down Australia’s longest concrete toboggan and couldn’t resist going back in time to my childhood by squeezing into a Mini Car (yes it’s a miracle I can still fit in one!). With this pass another person could ride with me in all the rides that allowed more than one person, so the value for money was excellent with this Pass.

All in all, Gumbaya Park will always be close to my heart and I highly recommend local and international visitors to Victoria to visit and make a day-trip out of it. It’s awesome fun and you’ll have memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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Melbourne’s Docklands

One of my favourite places in Melbourne is the beautiful area known as the Docklands. To be completed in 2020, this waterfront paradise is filled with many exciting shops (known as Harbour Town), interesting sculptural public art, fine dining restaurants, extremely modern architecture and beautiful views of the city.

A trip to the Docklands would be incomplete without seeing the recently constructed Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. This giant engineering masterpiece definitely has some resemblance to the London Eye, but it is smaller in size and with less carriages. Everything one desires can be found in the nearby Costco and if you prefer somewhere a little bit more peaceful you can take a walk down to the water and see statues of Kylie Minogue and Dame Edna among others, and see our take on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame featuring Australian entertainers. The mosaic of Aussie personalities is really amazing.

Tourists and visitors to Melbourne’s Docklands will not be disappointed. The best part is that you can catch the free City Circle Tram right into the heart of the Docklands and explore the area on foot from there!


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Last Sunday…

was a beautiful day in Melbourne. We spent it in South Melbourne, a funky part of the city filled with quirky gift shops, busy cafés, interesting people and cool vibes. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The day started off with us shopping on Clarendon Street, spending a while at one of my favourite stationery shops called Paperpoint and having lunch at a place called Grill’d. Their burgers are to die for. After some retail therapy, my sisters and I drove to the beach and were surprised to find the luxurious cruise ship Queen Mary II docked there. It was majestic and striking from a distance. We soaked our feet in the warm sparkling water of Port Phillip Bay, let the sand go between our toes, turned our backs to the waves and bid farewell to a memorable and very hot Australian summer.

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Melbourne = Home

I’ve been back in Melbourne for exactly 6 months today. I enjoy the lively atmosphere on the streets, its modern architecture, skyscraper views and hidden city discoveries. Melbourne is home and I absolutely love being a tourist in my own city. There’s always something happening in the city. From interesting exhibitions and installations at the National Gallery to cultural events at Federation Square, Melbourne’s got you covered for everything hip and uber cool. It has a certain vibe to it that has to be experienced, it can’t be described.

Here’s my photographic journey through Melbourne on a quiet summer’s afternoon.

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Nice to meet you!

I thought I’d start the year off by introducing myself to you in a creative manner. Below you can see an illustrated page showing what my other passions in life are, when I’m not running the label or spending hours browsing through craft shops. This is just a snippet as there are so many other things I love doing, so I’ll be creating more posts like this one every so often. Hope you like getting to know the person behind this company.

Just click the image below for a better reading experience.

About Me

On this website you can find a link to our Online Shop, Personalised greeting card order formNewsletter Sign Up, information about upcoming events, stockists, contact details and a section about us.

Thanks for your interest in Graceful Avenue. I just know that 2014 will bring new and wonderful things our way and I hope it’s been a good first week for you all.

Naira (Founder/Creative Director of Graceful Avenue)

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When most people hear the name Sorrento they often think of sunny Italy but in reality there’s a town with the same name right here in Australia. Last week my Mum and I spent a few nights at the Hotel Sorrento where we relaxed by the beach and spent some quality time together swimming, laughing and catching up on old times. It was just the break we both needed before the rush of Christmas and New Year festivities took over our schedules.

With its friendly locals, excellent gift shops, top quality accommodation and beautiful beach views, Sorrento is a wonderful place to escape to, for residents of Australia and tourists alike. We loved it!

Here’s a summary of our stay in photographs:


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Phillip Island Weekend Getaway

Last weekend my family and I took a roadtrip to a beautiful part of Victoria that is Phillip Island, for a relaxing bonding weekend away. After a 90-minute drive in our car we stopped at Maru Koala & Animal Park to see all the beautiful Australian animals that call our unique country their home. It was a small but really nice park allowing tourists and visitors to see all sorts of animals including Tasmanian devils, Wombats, Donkeys, Sheep, Horses, Kookaburras, Cockatoos, Dingoes, Peacocks, Emus and the ever-so-cute Koalas, Wallabies and Kangaroos. For an extra fee people could hold a baby wallaby and have their photo taken patting a koala. Adorable!

After a quick gelato we drove to Cowes and checked into our resort motel. With crystal clear blue waters and soft sand between our toes, it was a beautiful day to arrive in paradise with not a cloud in the sky. After some shopping in the wonderful boutiques in the area we were off to a nice restaurant for dinner. In the evening we took a dip in the spa and pool at our accommodation and relaxed. I loved it!

The next day started with an early check-out and a quick drive to see if we could spot any seals at The Nobbies. We were disappointed not to see any seals but the views from the boardwalk were absolutely incredible. Pyramid Rock not far from there also offered some amazing coastal views with vibrant landscape vistas.

All in all our weekend away was a well-deserved break that we all really needed and a great way to spend some quality family time together. I had a great time and returned home fully refreshed and happy.

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Hello there…

Welcome to the newly renovated Graceful Avenue website! We trust that you’ll find it easy to navigate through as we wanted to create a simplistic user interface with a clear vision for our brand. Here’s the latest news from us:

1. You can now sign up to our exciting Newsletter, giving you the chance to see our new products before anybody else. You’ll also receive exclusive offers and discounts to use in our Online Shop! We are very excited about this new venture.

2. We can’t wait to grow our brand, so very soon you’ll get to see our Wholesale Catalogue with the opportunity to flick through the virtual pages of our exclusive Mishka Collection card range.

3. On the menu up the top we now have a “Stockists” section where we’ll be thrilled to update you on which lovely retailers have chosen to stock our products. If you’re a retailer please get in touch!

4. As the year approaches Christmas (can’t believe it’s nearly November already!!) we are hoping to do a few local markets and events so keep your eyes open for that too!

5. We also have a new email address to go with our new domain name: so please take note of that.

Overall we’ve been super busy with business/admin stuff lately and that’s why it’s been a bit quiet on the blogging side of things. Here is a photographic summary of life in Melbourne during the last fortnight for your entertainment. Please check in again soon.