Our Story


Graceful Avenue originated from the mind of a creative interior designer from Melbourne, Australia. With the help of her mother’s old sewing machine she taught herself to sew and began a production line that turned colourful fabrics into pouches for sunglasses. She individually made about 50 of these cases and then moved to London with the dream of turning her hobby into a full-time profession.

Graceful Avenue, UK

With the new and wide range of art supplies in her local area she decided to transform the designs on her pouches into simple, quirky greeting cards. Then she started to draw things on paper and quickly realised that she had a knack for it. She created a collection of hand-drawn cards and gift tags that bring gifts to life. After a successful trial run at a Christmas market one Saturday afternoon she quickly discovered that people were actually quite interested in her work. They admired the craftsmanship, they recognised the effort she’d put in and she felt truly appreciated.

Since she had come all the way from Australia she wanted to see as much of Europe as possible. Along with her sister she spent many days in Italy, Austria, France and Hungary. The places she saw inspired her immensely. The people she met along the way were all so interesting. She felt motivated to launch Graceful Avenue when she returned to London. The shop opened its doors on the 29th of September, 2012 and the product range extended to framed cross-stitched art, prints and handmade flowers during the next 11 months of trading.

In July, 2013, she started a Pozible campaign for her quirky “Mishka Collection” greeting card range to be professionally printed in Australia. The campaign surpassed its goal of raising $700 and the following month she returned to Melbourne with high hopes for the future of the brand. The rest of the story is still being written…

Outside View

The exterior of our shop in Watford, UK (Sep 2012 – Aug 2013)

Inside View

Inside View 1Interior shop views.