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Snail Mail Challenge

I participated in a letter writing challenge as part of International Correspondence Writing Month (aka InCoWriMo) where we had to mail out a postcard or letter every day in the month of February.

I wanted to share some of my outgoing mail with you and say I really enjoyed taking part but feel like we really have become a society too dependant on technology. It felt so great to pick up a pen and write to a stranger or friend. I look forward to trying this again next year!

Happy snail mailing!

4 thoughts on “Snail Mail Challenge”

  1. How did I not know that this was a thing?!?! Gutted to have missed it but looking forward to joining in next year.

  2. I recently started sending mail again after deleting social media. We really have become a society dependent on technology. Snail mail is so fun. I hope to send out mail more often. Have you tried the website postable.com? They send out cards for you.

    1. Oh hey there! It’s so great that you’re enjoying the art of snail mail again! I never knew such a thing as Postable existed as I’m based in Australia but it sure seems like a wonderful concept if you need to send lots of cards at a time. Thanks for reading!

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