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London, Yesterday

London is such a lively and enticing city to live in. Just one day of sightseeing allows you to easily see all the major tourist attractions the city has to offer. It’s definitely not a very compact city, it’s extremely broad and sprawled but thanks to their incredible bus network it becomes simple to see everything in a short amount of time.

Yesterday I was in London and it was a beautiful Sunday. It wasn’t hot thankfully and the breeze made it bearable under the warm sun. I went all around the amazing city. I started at Kensington Gardens where I witnessed a very hungry squirrel climbing on a man’s leg to get fed! After that I caught the bus to Trafalgar Square and entered the National Gallery. I was inspired by art from Da Vinci and Michelangelo and many other incredible artists. After a little retail therapy I caught the bus to Tower Bridge and just a short walk away found the beautiful Leadenhall Market, which was unfortunately closed by that time. There was something extra special about walking through a deserted market enclosure, completely free of people. It was like a secret place that only I knew existed! Lastly, I went to Big Ben, spotted the London Eye in the distance and walked to Buckingham Palace to end the day. Gotta love London!

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