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“The Lone Ranger” London Premiere

I was so excited to attend “The Lone Ranger” premiere today in London. Accompanying Johnny Depp were his co-stars Armie Hammer, Ruth Wilson and Tom Wilkinson, as well as producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski. The atmosphere was electrifying with thousands of cheering fans turning up in spite of hot conditions.

From what I could tell Johnny was an extremely gracious and humble person. He spent lots of time talking with his fans, signing heaps and heaps of autographs and accepting drawings and gifts from devoted members of the public. He was so genuine and natural and just re-confirmed in my mind all the reasons why we love him so much. He’s just such a normal person but so talented and so undeniably attractive!

It was an absolute pleasure to attend this premiere, even though I had to wait for 3 hours in 28 degree heat to see this man. It’s a memory I will treasure forever and it was totally worth it. God bless Johnny Depp.

LoneRangerArmie HammerJohnny Depp

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